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Monday, August 30th, 2010
9:38 am - Do vampires ...

The weirdest shit pops up in my head at times. I just got home from work and was doing my morning critter rounds when it it me. Do vampires poop? Ok that is an odd thought in the morning. Really though, where does all that blood go? Does the dark energies that keep them eternal unliving extend to mystic bowel clean up as well? Now I am never going to get to sleep. Damn unanswered questions.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010
2:11 am - Catwalk

Originally uploaded by wuffnuff.
Ok so I am lagging just a bit behind on follow up! Finally posted the set of pictures from when we visited Catwalk in New Mexico. I have to say it was beautiful there. A nice mix of desert scenery and green. I loved the water! It comes from the mountains and even though the day was fucking roasting at 100 + degrees the water was incredibly chill. It was fantastic. I the waterfall was cool. For its size it comes down with a good amount of force. I guess NM isn't a total hole. It has pretty bits too.

Life at BCBS has been all right. The people are nice enough, a couple I like. The job itself isn't difficult but surprisingly dull. Lately I have been studying how to write more complex batch files to give me something to do. Yes, I am actually complaining about not working. The world can be a strange place. I am still contract, hopefully when the option becomes open I can get hired. Not having any paid time of pretty much sucks. My boss is pretty cool about letting me re-arrange my days to it kind of makes up for it. Bonus is I only work with one other person at night, I like it quiet. If I wanted a full office I would work day shift.

I picked up WoW for Nick has an early b-day present, got me a copy as well. Let’s just say that gift has all ready been getting some mileage. I can see why people like it. I enjoy it, but not to the level of letting a kid roast to death in a car level. Seriously people, you can start back where you left off unless you are in a raid and that just needs a little preplanning.

I just found out that the company does not block LJ or flickr, if they remain open I might just be posting more!

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Thursday, July 8th, 2010
9:48 am - Still here....sort of
I have been so bad lately with my LJ. I have stuff to post too, I just need to make the time. Will soon I hope.:)

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Sunday, June 27th, 2010
7:11 am - Catwalk

We are heading to the Catwalk today! Can't wait to see the critters, waterfalls and other scenic views!

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Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
12:01 am - Milestone
Today is Nick and my five year anniversary! Every year better than the last, I love you baby.

current mood: happy

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Monday, May 17th, 2010
3:55 am - Getting started
So my loving husband convinced me to get a mini notebook because I have been hee hawing about wanting to write again and wanting something even more portable than my laptop. It arrived late last week and I have been getting things set up. I was afraid I would have issues typing on something with a smaller keyboard than my desktop or my laptop but suprisingly it is actually much easier. Things are all set up, I have the programs I want, the music to jam to while I plug away at the keys, yay! I have a few ideas I have been kicking around and I started a rough outline of a what may be a short story or possibly something longer. It feels nice to be be doing something creative again. =)

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Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
1:40 am - Sometimes I do mean things.
Perhaps I shouldn't still be dwelling on it, it happened last week and all, but for some reason it is still bothering me. I was mean. Really really mean. Hateful mean. Worst of all the people didn't deserve it, or if they did I certainly didn't even give them a chance to prove it.

So last week Mormons where casing the neighborhood. We get a few flavors of religion coming door to door time to time. Usually I politely inform them that I am not interested and send them on their way with a smile and a wish for them to have a good day that I actually mean. We haven't had Mormons since prop 8 in Cali and I saw them walking around and I couldn't help but feel affronted. I could see them approaching, walking up the driveway and something snapped in me. All I could think was how dare they come to my dwelling, my home that I share with the man that I love. How dare they bring their religion that says I am an abomination because of who I love to my very doorstep. When they rang the doorbell I was all ready in a red rage, I was roiling with anger that I rarely feel. I yanked the door open and I think if the security door wasn't there I would have definitely invaded their personal space in a very negative fashion. My aggression level was so high I could literally feel my body swell with the anger. They didn't get two words out before I was yelling at them. Something along the lines of why should I listen to a religion that helped take my right to marry my boyfriend away and told them to get the fuck off my lawn.

Nick was sitting near by. I think he was shocked. He has never seen me fly into a rage without a tangible reason. Even then most I seethe with a controlled and focused anger on who actually deserve it. I never just attack people. The first thing he said was "Why did you yell at them?" All the anger drained away and was replaced with shame. Those kids didn't deserve that level of animosity. They were kids, maybe 18 tops. They are still learning about the world and I showed them an ugly aspect when I could have shown them kindness and tolerance. Regardless of what their religious orientation may be, I had no right to automatically assume the worst about them, to judge the individual by a single aspect of that they are. Isn't that what we, the homosexual community is trying to impress on those that judge us? There were several ways I could have acted and the direction I went was inappropriate.

Sometimes I do mean things. What I did was wrong and I know better. Sorry Mormon guys, I will try to be kinder to your brothers that will eventually find themselves at my door in the future.

I strive to be a better man and this incident reminds me tolerance and compassion has to go both ways.

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Saturday, May 1st, 2010
4:10 am - Vacation,new job, looking ahead

Originally uploaded by wuffnuff.
So it is like a month late, but finally a post about our vacation to the Philippines.

This was the first time for Nick and I wish the travel was...a little more organized. Usually my Mom uses a travel agent to book flights to other countries, but not this time. While I am all for her doing things on her own on the net, there was a slight overlooking at how long the layovers ending up being. A straight flight from say Vancouver or Seattle is about 16 hours. We flew Korean Air this time so we ended up in Korea first....for 18 hours. Then of course was the two hour flight to Manila, a five hour layover, another two hour flight and then a four hour drive. Needless to say it was mind numbing body achingly long. Basically the same thing in reverse on the way back.

Travel aside, being there was very nice. We spent most days in the ocean and have a large number of pictures above and below the water. Some great shots of people, creatures and plants. I wish we had gotten a shot of the blue ring octopus we got to hold. Um yeah, highly deadly, didn't realize it was that blue ring octopus until later. So cute though, totally want one. My family adored Nick and flat out stated I had to bring him the next time out. Yay! Aside from a day with angry angry jellyfish it was great. I still have some marks from those little bastards.

So the new job.

Third week on, I have learned all the stuff my predecessors couldn't in six months. Which is probably why they got fired. *shrug* The job isn't hard. It is a huge difference from Pegasus. I don't really get to fix anything anymore, they don't give admin access to their Ops people. Really I sit being bored most of the night. Since they block messenger services and monitor web usage I haven't been online hardly at all. I brought my laptop in tonight so I could catch up a little and post this. I figured if the people I work with can sleep all night, I can use a laptop. Seriously, I usually only work with one person and she is out cold for about 75% of the shift. She took a day off and someone is filling in for her...he is snoring as I type. In a week or two I will be working solo at least two nights out of the work week, which is cool. I do the majority of the work now anyhow.

Future plans include redoing the floors in the house with laminate wood flooring. We just picked up some climbing roses and an avocado tree I need to plant tomorrow. In the next week or so we are finally having our large dead tree the previous owners left removed! That makes me happy. Oh and if I transition from contract to actual employee with my current employer they pay for schooling 100% if it is in a field that relates to my job. So taking advantage of that. Best of all, they prepay not reimburse! Incentive enough to stick around I think.

Hope everyone is well. =)

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Monday, April 12th, 2010
12:38 pm - New job

I am off to pick up my badge and logins, starting my new job tonight!

I will update about our vacation soon!

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010
11:19 am - Off on a journey

Today is the day! Nick, Mom and I are at the airport and ready to fly! See ya in two weeks!

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Saturday, March 20th, 2010
4:50 am - So Long and Goodnight
I am about two hours from ending my last night at Pegasus. It has been an interesting near 11 years, but it is time to bow out and take my leave. With Operations being outsourced and my return to Support the company feels like an ill fitting glove. It pays me but I can't say I am really happy with it. I am going to miss a bunch of people that I have gotten to know over the years working. Some I will keep in contact with I am sure, others will drift away in time, that is the nature of these things.

Honestly I am both scared and excited about my departure. I have a job lined up with Blue Cross Blue Shield that I will be starting when Nick and I return from vacation. It is just a little rough leaving my comfort zone of Pegasus where not only did I know my job inside and out, I knew several others. On the flip side I am looking forward to learning new things and being able to utilize the talents I have honed in new ways.

It will work out, I know it will. You know how it is, always nervous being the new kid.

So with a little sadness and a whole lot of joy, I bid thee Pegasus, formally Rezsolutions, formally Anasazi, so long and goodnight.

current mood: contemplative

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Wednesday, February 17th, 2010
2:16 am - Plumbing adventures and being stuffed.
We had a very nice weekend. It was mixed with a bit of work and a lot of relaxing and play. Nick and I have been doing minor maintenance on both our home and my Mom's place (getting it ready for renters). Both our houses had a leaking spigot. Mom's was an easy fix,shut the water off, unscrew the old one, screw in the new one. Fixed! Ours not so much. Ours was attached to the main water line and soldered in. We also discovered that the secondary shut off valve for the main line was also leaking and needed to be replaced (it was leaking so much the area was turning into a swamp). We ended up cutting the spigot and valve out and replacing them. It took a little while and the first pressure test resulted in a couple leaks, but we got it right the second time! So now, no leaks and everything looks shiney and new. Yay!

So far the backyard project in our home is moving along. We have been digging out an area to place a nice footing for a gazeebo. It is mostly dug, phase two will be squaring it out and prepping it for pavers. We decided not to pour a concrete slab. I think when it is all done it will look great, but right now it looks like a big mess! =)

The rest of the weekend was working on the WoW server and cuddles on the couch watching movies. It was good. =)

I am updating from work where I am very very stuffed. Nick packed me a big lunch and it was a little to tasty because I pretty much nom nom nom'd it all. I am completely stuffed. *burp* so worth it.

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Thursday, February 11th, 2010
5:32 am - Checking in.
So I started back in my old department a little over two weeks ago. I have been working day shift for the first two weeks to get some training in (the common joke was I would be training the trainer). Working day hours really messed up my schedule and I am really really behind on LJ and FB to the point I probably won't catch up to every ones posts. I hope everyone is well. =)

Nothing new really going on. Nick and I have started the backyard gazeebo project. Currently we are digging out the area where we will be pouring a cement slab to erect the gazeebo on. The yard looks aweful now, but I believe it will look real nice when all is done.

Looks like Nick and I will be taking a trip in the near future with my Mom and Aunt to the Philippines to visit family. It is a long as trip but it is nice to spend some time there and see everyone. It will be Nick's first time out so it will be a cool new experience for him. I am hoping my job doesn't throw a fit about the vacation request....we will see how that works out.

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Friday, December 25th, 2009
12:03 am
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009
5:53 am
Not dead, I promise. I think a large portion of the undead population wouldn't be able to type. I could be wrong though. Update coming soon!

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Saturday, November 21st, 2009
12:10 am - Games, dreams and being outsourced
It has been awhile since I dropped into LJ land. I am unsure why since I like LJ. I was kinda avoiding FB for a bit too, so maybe it was just online sites in general. Anywho.

As usual Nick and I like our games. Nick started and beat Torchlight in about two days. So far I think it is a fun game which I really need to get back to and complete. I am still majorly addicted to Plants vs. Zombies. I can't help it, I love me some zombies! We picked up Dragon Age: Origins a couple days ago. So far it has been great, totally worth the purchase. A win for Bioware once again!

I had a dream the other night that keeps popping up in my head. It was dark and terrorizing. It featured a place called Wayside where travelers hid during the night from ghoul like creatures. I think I am going to put it to paper in the near future in the form of a short story.

So yeah as the title suggests, my department and several other departments under the IT umbrella will be outsourced at the end of Feb from my company. The work will be outsourced to HP who is looking to keep on five people from my dept until Sept 2010 at which time that job will be ended as well. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I am going to miss my schedule, vacation time, the people I work with and most likely my pay. I am not sure I will actually miss the company. I am looking at this as a positive though, this could be a chance to find something better and learn some new skills. *G* Hopefully to make some more pay wise as well. At least we had a few months notice to get things in order. =)

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Thursday, October 22nd, 2009
2:55 am - Bedroom Finished

Bedroom Finished
Originally uploaded by wuffnuff.
I meant to post a pic a couple weeks ago on this.

Our bedroom had dark paneling when we moved in that was very reminiscent of a trailer. Why the previous owners went this route with such a large room is beyond me. It made the room seem smaller than it was and kind of stuffy. We had been planning on redoing it eventually. One day Nick got gung ho and ripped all the paneling down (go baby!) Even just having dry wall looked better than it had. We picked out a couple colors and Nick went to town. I think my involvement was painting a section of wall and helping tape a few placed on the wall, I was such a lazy ass. *g* I think it came out absolutely gorgeous. The room is much lighter and looks huge! So pretty!

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Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
7:28 am - WA day 4, Final day

The Gang
Originally uploaded by wuffnuff.
Currently typing this out from a nice little restuarant at the airport munching on fresh fruit, creamy yogurt and crunchy granola. Doing this from the phone so whatever mistakes are just going to have to stay in.

I woke up yesterday and just ralaxed a bit, took a quick shower. I hunted for some breakfast and called my hubby, chatting until Jason and Suzie picked me up(features bottom row in the pic). Jason and I went to HS together and have made the effort to keep in touch, though this has been the first time I have seen him in a little over ten years. Suzie is his wife to be. This was our first meeting, she rocks!

The happy couple picked me up and we were off to meet up briefly with two of their friends, both who I also knew so that was pretty cool. The first one was Kev. At first I hadn't recognized his name but once I saw him I remember who he was and we all chatted for a bit. He filled me in on his two kids, acting career and joining the Army. It was a short stop as Jason and Suzie wanted to meet up with Tim and we had to catch the ferry shortly.

We met up with Tim in Gorst since he was coming out of Port Orchard. When I was in HS I had hooked up with Tim a few times. He is now happily married and all that. I shook his hand and congratulated him on his getting married. I think he found it a little bit akward. Suzie and I mostly chatted while Jason and Tim caught up.

Shortly after we were off to the ferry and over to Seattle. We explored the shops on the waterfront while we waited for Dustin ezran74 and Ben altf4ljdrama to arrive. Dustin arrived first with his friend Scott. Dustin is very nice and a bit shy at first. His friend Scott did not stay very long. Dustin also had to leave briefly but met up with us again about the time Ben arrived at the Pike Place. We visited briefly with another ljer, I will have to look up his handle, but I believe it is badrobot.

We decided on a place to get our food on, a local brewery restuarant. The food was very good and we had a very nice time conversing. Over all it was a great time meeting Dustin and Suzie and being able to meet up with Jason and Ben again. Dustin had to leave early, the rest of stayed and chatted a while longer before packing it in, Ben to the bus and Jason, Suzie and I to the ferry.

I was dropped off and Jason and Suzie started thier long ass trek home to basically the Washington/Canada border. I chatted with my honey for while, got packed up and tried to get some sleep for my early morning.

Things I learned on day four:

I hate showering without Nick, I barily stay in long enough to rinse.

I am a hazard to myself. I almost died choking on my own saliva while looking for breakfast.

Friends that drive 4+ hours to see you(it was a theme this trip evidently) kick ass.

Meeting someone you at first didn't remember can still be cool.

Straight guys confronted with gay sex from the past have an amusing flash of abject terror.

Good food and good company make for a very pleasant evening.

I never stop talking about my hubby, he is a very intergral(sp?) part of my life and I miss him terribly when we are separated.

So flight is almost here, home soon!

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Monday, September 28th, 2009
11:16 am - WA Day 3

The guys waving hi to Nick
Originally uploaded by wuffnuff.
So day three came in went. Currenty I am being lazy and updating LJ from bed.

Over all day three went very well and was pretty low key. Our friends Randy and Nate (featured in the picture) came and visited from Eastern WA (also known as featureless WA that no one goes too). They actually arrived sometime Sat, but were visiting also visiting friends up in Seattle. They jotted across the bay to have breakfast with me, see Ilahee briefly then have a pow wow with my mom for a crash course in Filipino religious history. There will be a test later.

Not to long after the guys left I pretty much crashed out for a few hours waking only for bathroom runs. My mom woke me up around 8:00 pm to do adoration at church, someone had called out and she didn't want to be alone. It was nice, I don't mind being in the church when it is virtually empty and quiet. The also remodeled and put in a a really nice bathroom on the upper floor that I got really aquainted with. Two hours there and it was off to home.

I chatted with the hubby for a while then crashed until morning.

I should get my ass up and this day rolling, I will be meeting with friends later. Yea!

Also I am not spell checking or proofing this entry, it will have even more mistakes left in than the last one.

Things I learned on day three:

The second day showering without Nick isn't any less dull. I am completely over the novelty.

Friends willing to drive nearly six hours to see you are totally kick ass. Hopefully they will be coming to stay with us in the near future.

A floating dock rocking in strong waves makes Randy nauseated, Nate sleepy and me relaxed. I miss the salt water.

Filipino history always ends in tragedy and misery. No wonder it is predominate Catholic.

Gout medication (from my mom) makes you purge out of your ass like an out of control fire hydrante and makes you crash for hours. However my foot feels a hell of a lot better.

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Sunday, September 27th, 2009
9:49 am
So day two is over and I am relaxing a bit in bed before starting day three. Yesterday was insanely busy! Got an early start, showered, had leftover salad for breakfast and out the door by 8:30 am. Headed to my Mom's church and started doing decoration work with three nice ladies while waiting for one of the main cooks to arrive. Completed decorations about the time Sally arrived. She is the main cook and always confuses Nick and I, even though she has known me since I was a little kid! I mostly assisted her, washing and prepping ingredients.

About 2 pm my brother showed up with my two nephews and one of my nieces. He broke me out of the church to get some grub and spend some time with the kids. They are growing so damn fast! My oldest niece KJ will be getting her license in a couple months. She is taller than me and her dad. Mica the oldest boy (11) is taller than me and almost his dad as well. Morgan the youngest is 9 and loves to draw. He was excited to see me and when he found out I suck at drawing he started giving me drawing lessons.

We returned to the church a little before 5 pm, Mass was starting at 5:15 and my brother and the kids where going to be assisting. My Mom truly loves me because I got to head back to the kitchens and skip the whole Mass. Yea! I started getting all the drinks set up and out to the tables while the other guys started carving up the roasted pigs.

Once Mass let out, it was like a tidal wave of people! It wasn't just the people from Mass, people where showing up from all over. All the tables filled up in minutes. We had to set up a few extras in what little space was left and people were still having to set chairs up against the wall. The church halls is huge too. There were a ton of people, it was a huge turnout. Tables were called randomly to go up to be be served food kinda cafeteria style. Food was flying fast. Randy(my brother) myself and a couple others were pan running like mad to keep things filled as the ladies served it out. The cooks in the back where hard pressed to keep up with the demands to keep some of the stuff that needed to be cooked on the spot up. My nephews and niece utterly rocked at making sure every table had full water as the soda ran out quick. They were all over the crowded all helping out.

It didn't take long for the food to run out, but everyone got some, and most were able to have second helpings. There was traditional Filipino dancing and music. I managed to get some pictures and video footage while running around that I will post later when I have a better internet connection. As people drifted out we cleaned up as much as possible. Most people were nice and cleaned up their surroundings before they left which made things easier. We had all the tables wiped down, folded up and all the chairs stacked around 10 and finished cleaning up the kitchen shortly after. I am glad so many extra people chipped and otherwise it would have taken forever! By the end of the night I could barely walk, my foot still hasn't fully recovered and all the activity caused it to swell up to epic proportions. Home meant meds and putting my foot up, yea! Talked to my hubby for a bit then passed out until this morning.

I learned (or re-learned) several things yesterday:

Showering without Nick is very dull.

Leftover Caesar salad makes a tasty breakfast but the croutons end up soggy.

No matter how much you stress you are gay, older Filipino women can't help but ask when you are going to get married to a nice girl. It is like the whole loving cock thing doesn't quite sink in all the way.

Filipinos cook with waaaay to much salt. I am a halfbreed which explains why I use half as much.

People who aren't Filipino will descend on Filipino food like well mannered locusts. Polite, but all consuming.

Tradition Filipino ceremony pulls heavily from the nations that conquered us. As one fellow slave pointed out, we were conquered by just about everyone.

Traditional Filipino garb involves some horrific color combinations.

I miss my man horribly when separated. While I look forward to seeing friends up here, I can't wait to go home to be with him.

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